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Wedding planning is very fun yet exhausting, isn’t it? There’s so much that goes into the planning process – everything from choosing the right wedding venue, caterer, wedding souvenirs, organizing your guest list, and many more. One of the most important processes that you will have to go through wouldContinue Reading

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Because everyone’s so busy these days, couples who are getting married still remain in the office even the day before their wedding, and wedding planning takes so much time, there’s always a reason to work with the best wedding planner. This professional will help you make your wedding day aContinue Reading

In a few weeks, the D-day will arrive. Marriage takes place once in a lifetime, and you want to remember every moment of it so you can preserve it as a lifelong memory. Nevertheless, to make that day unforgettable, it needs a thorough preparation. If you want to give aContinue Reading

With the Internet being the quickest and most detailed access to information, there is no wonder that couples will find online wedding planning guides to help prepare for the big day. Online wedding planning guides are either completely free or fee-based; however, if you choose to pay for one, makeContinue Reading

What will happen to you when you hear the word “wedding?” I believe that this is one of our most memorable days, and we’re doing our best to make it last forever, right? We’ve dreamed of this and it’s coming. We can’t change the fact, though, that this will alsoContinue Reading