DIY Wedding Flowers for Your Special Day

diy wedding flowers
diy wedding flowers

There’s no doubt that getting married can be so expensive these days especially if you’re going for a big celebration and inviting all of your family and friends. However, it is great to know that there are some areas where you can cut down costs. For instance, flowers cost a lot of money, but you can also consider DIY wedding flowers for your special day!

If you decide to take on providing wedding flowers on your own, you will definitely need to keep in mind some important points. First of all, any wedding planner will tell you that it is imperative that your wedding flowers are fresh and lively. And some wedding planners even tell you that flowers and roses older than one or two days are too old for your special day! This is why only uses florists that are selecting flowers picked day-of for all of their events.

Some florists would charge you thousands of dollars for wedding flowers. Truth be told, there’s a mark up price for most florists when they’re asked for flowers to be used for weddings. These flowers are not as cheap as the ones you’d probably get if you’re just presenting a bouquet of flowers to a loved one for any occasion. That’s why you might be wondering why a bouquet of fresh roses that one could give for an anniversary or birthday costs significantly less compared to a bride’s wedding bouquet with the same number of fresh roses!

Not sure whether DIY wedding flowers would look pretty enough? Just look at these DIY projects from some talented florists.

Now it’s pretty understandable that not all people are creative. And if you’re one of them who are non-creatives, consider asking your friends and family for help! Perhaps instead of them buying you an expensive wedding gift then they can just help you out with a DIY wedding project such as this! Being too busy during your wedding preparations can lead to stress therefore you should learn how to ask help and this is one tip you can learn when you’re looking for ways on how to deal with wedding planning anxiety.

To minimize the stress further, you can always ask your trusted wedding planner for help. Though your wedding planner probably can’t do much to assist you with your DIY projects, they can get some weight off your shoulders especially if you already have a lot going on during your wedding preparations.