Dos and Don’ts of Hiring Wedding Caterer

wedding caterer
wedding caterer

Choosing the wedding caterer is vital to think beyond the main course and focus on quality and accuracy. The company or venue that you chose to serve your guests should be in a position to offer quality food that tastes good and is budget-friendly. Here we are with some dos and don’ts that you should consider while hiring a wedding caterer.

1. Understand the Cost per Person: When talking to the caterers, you will notice that they usually speak in terms of ‘cost per person.’ Don’t go by the literal meaning of the term. Ask the caterer what is and not included when they say cost per person. For instance, ask them if it will cost extra to have unexpected and extra guests, and the charges for set-up and clean-up.

2. Taste the Food: Don’t jump on signing a contractor without having tasted the food. Also, know that not all wedding caterers will be happy to provide food tasting before signing the contract. If you can, you should have the food tasted for the quality check. If you cannot, ask the caterer to provide a reference so you can crosscheck with the previous client for the feedback.

3. Interview Several Caterers: Have options ready rather than sticking with the referred caterer. Interview three or four caterers before closing a deal. It will help you know the caterer’s strengths and weaknesses, and you will be in a better position to take the call.

4. Negotiate Like a Boss: Don’t shy off and negotiate like a boss. It is your wedding, and you are paying for everything. You can arrange the deal letting the caterer know that you will recommend his name to your friends if he does a good job. Also, remember, no price is set in stone. There are always doors for negotiation.

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